It was just last weekend when Politico Magazine ran a piece on VP-wannabe Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, claiming that you can’t find anyone in Lansing, Michigan who doesn’t admire the governor’s skills, and moreover, just about everyone likes her.

Not admiring her skills as a governor Thursday were hundreds of protesters at the state Capitol to call for a reopening of businesses in the state while the legislature was debating a 28-day extension to Whitmer’s state of emergency.

Some of the protesters came armed. We don’t know how many, but it was enough to trigger (no pun intended) plenty of people.

“Heavily armed vigilante force.” Would we bring guns to a protest at the Capitol? Probably not, but 1) it’s legal to do so, and 2) if people bring guns and absolutely no one gets hurt, then yes, it was a peaceful protest.

Good point.

Now’s as good a time as any.

Wow, the First and Second Amendments are taking a beating during this state of emergency.

So someone responding to Guns Down America is calling for authorities to shoot every protester. Huh. And it turns out at least one person was injured by a gun:

Otherwise, it looks like a normal protest to us.

Let your daughter play at the neighbor’s house, and yes, police with guns with show up to stop it.

We can’t tell you how many times the gun-grabbers have argued against both open and concealed carry by claiming their right to life and the pursuit of happiness is being trampled when there might be a gun around.