Anyone in the United States who thinks the coronavirus lockdown has led to an unconstitutional power-grab by local and state governments can handily point to Michigan and Gov. Gretchen Whitmer as an example of bureaucratic overreach. She’s cracked down on landscaping, gardening, golfing, traveling from one home you own to another, and buying nonessentials like seeds and paint and car seats. (“Life-sustaining” abortion is exempt, of course.) Sheriffs have announced they won’t enforce her overreaching executive orders. She’s said that she’s not going to sign any bill that takes authority away from her.

She’s also lobbying hard for Joe Biden’s vice president position and never misses a TV appearance.

You’d think there are people in Lansing who don’t appreciate her governing style, seeing as there was an #OperationGridlock protest in front of the capital. But according to a fawning piece in Politico Magazine, you can’t find anyone in Lansing, Democrat or Republican, who doesn’t admire Whitmer’s skills.

Did Politico actually talk to people before writing this puff piece?

It’s one thing to be 15 months into your first term and suddenly blindsided by a rampaging disease the likes of which no living politician has encountered; to be thrust into worldwide renown by virtue of a beef with the president and a rising body count in your backyard; to know that your every flinch and syllable are being judged by citizens today and history tomorrow.

It’s another thing to realize, all the while, that you’re auditioning for the job of vice president.

Funny how much praise Democratic governors with “a rising body count” in their backyards receive; Gov. Andrew Cuomo is poised to take over the nomination from Joe Biden, who very likely might tap Whitmer for his vice president if he doesn’t drop out.

Isn’t it a bad thing that she’s quick to share a dirty joke?