We told you last week about the massive amount of blowback Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer has gotten for a ridiculous level of overreach with her response to the coronavirus outbreak. The ban-happy governor has gone as far as to prohibit the sale of infant car seats, garden seeds, flooring, paint and golf. Also forbidden is contracted landscaping as well as driving between two residences even if you own both properties (but we’re guessing the governor will still require property taxes to be paid on both).

The criticism of Whitmer has spilled over, and a protest took place at the State Capitol in Lansing today, with most people remaining in their cars while some people walked to the Capitol steps:

However, in defense of her Orwellian overreach, Gov. Whitmer pointed out that some of the stuff that’s prohibited can’t be done anyway. Why? Well, here’s her explanation with a big smile:

Whitmer saying things like that is just going to make it worse for herself.

Can a reporter ask Whitmer why there’s a need for “cracking down” (her words) on things like travel, landscaping and other things if the snow is already doing so?

And doing that while turning so many people in the state against her is a bold strategy indeed.