As Twitchy reported, #KimJongUnDead is the top trending topic on Twitter Saturday afternoon, but it’s followed closely by #DropOutBiden, and obviously these are not Republican Trump supporters propping it up, although plenty are blaming Russian bots for getting the hashtag to trend.

Former Clinton and Kerry advisor Peter Daou is no Russian bot, and he came out with a blistering thread Saturday encouraging Biden to drop out, especially in light of the sexual assault allegation that has been given new credibility from an old clip of “Larry King Live.”

The thing is, removing President Trump from office is the No. 1 priority of Democrats who tweet, #VoteBlueNoMatterWho. So what’s the plan? Here’s Daou’s contribution:

The thing is, is it just the Tara Reade allegations, which are picking up just about zero traction in the mainstream media, or is it mostly panic that Biden’s just not up to the task?

They certainly did. Why? We might never understand. Because he was “electable”?

It’s pretty crazy at this point after Bernie Sanders has already dropped out and endorsed Biden for a progressive like Daou to join the #DropOutBiden campaign, but it’s pretty clear the Democrats know they have damaged goods.