Listen: We thought it was actually a waste of a question when One America News Network’s Chanel Rion asked President Trump during a coronavirus press briefing if he thought the phrase “Chinese food” was racist. We get what she was going for, but it kind of misfired.

Still, we’re glad she’s there if only because it drives other White House correspondents nuts — they all reveal the 13-year-old mean girls they truly are in her presence. They print out anonymous notes and leave them on her workspace; CNN’s Oliver Darcy refers to her as a “personality” rather than a reporter; CBS News’ Karen, um, Paula Reid subtweeted her and told on her for standing too close to the other reporters who play by the rules:

The White House Correspondents Association kicked her out for that (that’s their story, at least), but she returned and got called on Tuesday:

This time it was VOA’s White House bureau chief who got his panties in a bunch:

These are the people who drool all over the Hollywood celebrities they invite to their “Nerd Prom” every year so they can walk the red carpet and have their pictures taken before they celebrate each other.


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