Look, we take social distancing seriously, and fortunately, just about everyone does. Still, this post isn’t about social distancing; it’s about this weird passive-aggressive relationship mainstream reporters have with OANN. As Twitchy reported after CNN’s Oliver Darcy featured it, some anonymous person left this note on OANN’s desk following one press briefing. (Admittedly, it was kind of a dumb question … but unsigned notes? How old are we?)

Darcy should copy that note and hand it to CNN “personality” Jim Acosta.

On Wednesday, though, CBS News’ Paula Reid decided Twitter was the place to air her grievances against OANN’s correspondent, who wasn’t abiding by social distancing guidelines.



Oh, like showing a crowded Italian hospital and claiming it’s New York?

Either somebody told on OANN or the social distancing police caught her in the act. At least it’s a happy ending for Reid.

Now she really can’t sit with them.

* * *


Speaking of whine, here’s hall monitor Brian Stelter right on cue: