As Twitchy reported Monday, Acting Director of National Intelligence Rick Grenell posted an image of the Constitution on Instagram with the caption, “Signed Permission Slip to Leave Your House.”

Here’s how CNN reported it:

No doubt, people on lockdown are getting antsy, and heads butted when Christians demanded to be allowed to have drive-in Easter services and some Karen scattered nails in a church parking lot to punish those who would leave their homes (but not their cars) to worship.

The thing is, the stay-at-home order has to be lifted sometime, and a group of protesters in Raleigh, North Carolina has assembled to protest being locked down.

That’s a pretty small crowd, but a dedicated one.

Tell that to Antifa sometime. Regardless of how you feel about being locked down, you’ve got to admit this is a slippery slope. Plenty of people are complaining that gun stores are still open as essential businesses in many states, but we’re talking about the First Amendment here.

There are a lot of people cheering them on.

Ask Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer about that one.

Eventually, either governors or the president is going to lift the stay-at-home orders; What will the Karens do then when they see someone walking their dog without wearing a face mask after the quarantine’s been lifted?