We knew that the media, after Monday’s roasting at President Trump’s coronavirus press briefing, would be loaded for bear Tuesday, and with one of Trump’s first announcements that he was suspending funding for the World Health Organizationduring a pandemic! — they and the Resistance went crazy.

Yes, Trump is largely blaming the WHO for the mess the United States is in now, for parroting Chinese reports that the coronavirus didn’t spread from animals to humans and claiming his travel ban would probably do more harm than good.

Objective NBC News reporter Katy Tur just went ahead and said what all of the other journalists were implying:

As Twitchy reported, after CBS News’ Paula Reid essentially accused Trump of doing nothing in February, his campaign tweeted out a timeline of all the actions that had been taken that month … none of which we’ve seen in the news today.

Objective journalist at work.

And about that travel ban that apparently wasn’t:

Funny how all the people who called a travel ban from China xenophobic and racist are now complaining that it wasn’t really a total ban and should have been.

No one ever brings it up when Trump and Gov. Andrew Cuomo are on the same page.

As we write this, “Blaming the WHO” and “Blaming WHO” are both trending topics on Twitter. It’s amazing how many people refuse to hold China or the WHO at all responsible for the COVID outbreak being as bad as it is. Don’t all the same people who claim that Trump never takes responsibility for anything realize that they reflexively blame everything bad that happens on Trump?