We weren’t sure where this tweet from Impeachment Task Force alumnus and former #MeToo activist Alyssa Milano was going, and now that we’ve read it a few times, we’re still not sure where it’s going. She notes the uptick in gun sales recently and reminds us that we need to stay safe during the COVID-19 crisis by practicing social distancing, washing our hands often, and not bringing dangerous firearms into our homes.

She even has a handy new hashtag for her shiny new cause: #StopTheCoronavirusGunSurge.

Keep in mind that this is the same Alyssa Milano who admitted to Sen. Ted Cruz, “We are a two-gun household.”

We’re pretty sure Milano’s video will result in exactly zero guns being put back on the shelf at the gun store.

She’s always there — she attended the Brett Kavanaugh hearings in person, and who can forget when she took a car service to join a protest at the border? And then she always moves on — especially quickly if the subject happens to be a #MeToo allegation against Joe Biden. There was a sex strike in there somewhere as well, but we forget what that was supposed to protest … pro-life legislation would be our guess.

What’s next week’s video lecture going to be about? Maybe respond to Rose McGowan’s assertion that she’s a fraud? Or will she return to the “children in cages” well?