As Twitchy reported earlier, it looked as though CNN was finally going to follow through with its threats and stop carrying President Trump’s daily coronavirus briefings. The press conference started, and CNN was nowhere to be found as Trump gave an overview of the next two weeks.

OK, so they waited until after Trump was finished with his introductory remarks.

Ironically, CNN’s Brian Stelter, who’s been among those pushing for the networks not to carry the pressers live, tweeted later how vital Tuesday’s press briefing was, and how badly Trump had bungled the response.

Again … was the president supposed to impose a national lockdown? Isn’t that why cities have mayors and states have governors?

The State of the Union Speaker Nancy Pelosi tore up?

Not entirely fair; CNN was the first to complain about the lack of diversity on the coronavirus task force, especially in an election year.

Why is it we don’t trust networks like CNN to watch the briefings for us and present the vital, unbiased facts afterward?