We’re old enough to remember when podcasts were a niche platform and then faded away almost completely … until they became the hot new thing a decade later. Everyone has a podcast — Hillary Clinton is expected to have one running by late spring once they find a suitable comic sidekick. Now Joe Biden, who’s stuck in his living-room-based home TV studio, has launched his own podcast — not bad for someone who couldn’t remember his own website address.

Families who’d otherwise be crowded around record players during the quarantine will now be able to get the dirt directly from Biden himself. We really can’t believe he didn’t call it, “Come on, man!”

Biden’s first guest will be Ronald Klain, Barack Obama’s Ebola czar, who just shot an ad for Biden trashing President Trump’s response to the coronavirus outbreak. It’s almost as though Democrats are politicizing a crisis … but they’d never do that.

He’d better think twice about having Gov. Andrew Cuomo as a guest — it’ll just make Democrats want Cuomo as their nominee.

He’s already been on Alyssa Milano’s podcast (as we said, everyone has a podcast now), so he should have some idea of how it works.

Will this rival the numbers he had for his YouTube “Virtual Happy Hour” for young voters, which pulled in around 2,800 simultaneous viewers?