As Twitchy reported earlier Wednesday, CNN political analyst Joe Lockhart tried to shame President Trump by noting that another day had passed without Trump leaving the White House and paying a visit to an emergency room to chat with doctors and nurses and first responders … who probably don’t need the president and his secret service detail hanging around right now.

We know why the president’s sticking to the White House, but what’s Joe Biden’s excuse? A few members of Congress decided to self-quarantine because they’d possibly been in contact with someone who had contracted the coronavirus, but we haven’t heard anything from the Biden camp. He’s really giving his new home TV studio a workout, and on Wednesday night, he decided to hold a “virtual happy hour” on YouTube especially for younger voters.

Bo Erickson from CBS News noted that Biden was pulling in about 2,800 simultaneous viewers, and then added the cryptic hashtag, #lit.

Was it lit?

How many of those 2,800 were Bernie Sanders supporters who just showed up to troll him in the comments?

As of this writing, the YouTube archive of Biden’s “lit” happy hour has 555 thumbs up and 1,400 thumbs down.

And this is with a lot of college-age kids stuck at home because their semesters have been canceled or moved to streaming services.

You could see for yourself over on YouTube, or just wait an hour or so for the blooper reel to hit social media.