Well, this is awkward. Despite MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell taking the podium for a couple of minutes, CNN’s Jim Acosta managed to get in a dumb question at Monday’s press briefing on the coronavirus. Rather than ask, say, about the new machines that can test for coronavirus in only five minutes, Acosta asked President Trump what he says to Americans who are upset with him for downplaying the crisis, and then read what are literally the same quotes Joe Biden’s Super PACs are using in their ads.

Acosta later went on to do his stand-up segment with CNN’s Wolf Blitzer, and said the briefings would be better designed if the president would “let us hear more from Dr. Birx and Dr. Fauci.”

Yeah, CNN’s Joe Lockhart has spent a good amount of time assuring us that “Dr. Birk” has drunk the Kool-Aid and then called her “the Stepford Doc” and saying he, for one, was no longer interested in hearing from her. It’s only a matter of time until Dr. Anthony Fauci falls out of favor with the media and journalists just interview each other, since they know everything.

So which is it? More Birx or none at all? These are the sorts of tough decisions cable news producers have to make.

We know what the original poster thinks of Mr. Pillow:

Like, Evangelical creepy.