As we told you Thursday, Dr. Deborah Birx can these days be seen regularly at President Trump and VP Mike Pence’s daily coronavirus briefings. However, Dr. Birx’s comments don’t always match up with the panicked rhetoric the lefty media is pushing, which had led to this comment from former Clinton spokesman and current CNN contributor Joe Lockhart:

Dude, really?

First things first:

Not if she doesn’t help forward the Left’s narrative, apparently.

Isn’t that special?

It appears there’s been some Kool-Aid consumed, but not by anybody on Trump’s coronavirus task force.

And if we’re playing the Left’s game properly, this has to be the next step (oh wait, the liberal rules don’t apply to liberals):

Remember when liberals were claiming (falsely) that Trump didn’t have any women on his coronavirus task force?

So, in conclusion, it has to be noted yet again that…

Fact check: TRUE.

We wouldn’t hold our breath.

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