As we told you earlier, MSNBC and CNN decided YOU didn’t need to see the experts at yesterday’s coronavirus briefing after they threw an ORANGE MAN BAD hissy fit over President Trump’s part of the presser:

Which was a real shame because THEIR viewers missed these two minutes of Dr. Birx helping to calm the panic over those projections that have 3 million Americans dying.

Have a watch, but the summary is those 3 million deaths are projections over multiple cycles of the outbreak well into next year with absolutely no mitigation efforts. Dr. Birx calmly explains that’s not the case because we are doing things to slow the spread now and, more importantly, they’re preparing for the next cycle expected in winter:

This is a REALLY important point and CNN and MSNBC missed it:

Kudos to Fox News:

Do MSNBC and CNN realize how stupid they look doing this?




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