A lot of people have laid out some of the ridiculous language in the House’s 1,400-page coronavirus relief bill; Sen. Tom Cotton just tweeted a list of Democratic demands, such as requiring corporations to submit pay statistics by race and race and gender statistics for all corporate boards at companies receiving assistance. And yet Joe Biden is complaining about the bill not having enough conditions.

Biden’s jumping on the “$500 billion slush fund” talking point that David Frum has called a secret, no-strings payout to the Trump family.

Notice that Biden uses as his springboard a tweet from CNN about Democrats “saying” they want to prioritize workers above companies. Notice also that he doesn’t mention that the language creating this “slush fund” is also in the Democratic version of the bill, only the amount is only $150 billion.

But what’s most ridiculous is Biden’s claim that there are “almost no conditions.” Rep. Dan Crenshaw took that claim apart in another thread.

This is what we’re supposed to get from Biden’s shadow president coronavirus addresses to the nation?


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