As Twitchy reported, California Gov. Gavin Newsom issued a mandatory “stay a home” order for the entire state Thursday night. Also, during CNN’s global town hall on the coronavirus crisis, guest Sean Penn suggested that “it’s really time to give the military the full breadth and control of this operation.”

Maybe those are factors in people suggesting the U.S. military is moving hundreds of tanks into San Diego. The debate was sparked by a shaky video that went viral, garnering more than a million views.

A lot of people are saying this is an old video, seeing as this happens every year and makes the news every year.

Even if it was taken this week … what’s new or special about it?

Is it normal? Or is President Trump going to use the coronavirus outbreak to declare martial law and cancel the election?

* * *


Looks like the military is getting ready to lock down Chicago too:

And the official word from the Pentagon:


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