You just know the mainstream media is rooting for a story of Asian Americans being beaten up or shot so they can blame President Trump for spreading xenophobia by calling COVID-19 the Chinese virus. A lot of people are saying he’s just doing it because he’s a racist, although his racism didn’t kick in for a couple of months there, because he was calling it the coronavirus … until Chinese state media started broadcasting that the virus had started in the United States and was spread to Wuhan by the U.S. Army. That’s when he very deliberately started using the term Chinese virus.

Now that CNN has had on Sean Penn to urge a military takeover during its global town hall on the coronavirus crisis, MSNBC has reached out to George Takei, who was a supporting actor on a TV show from the 1960s.

Isn’t this the same media who claim they’re there to “empower the public with information” while also calling for TV networks to stop carrying President Trump’s daily coronavirus pressers? It sure seems to us their prime motive during the coronavirus outbreak isn’t to inform the public, but to bash Trump and spread Chinese propaganda while doing it.

Did MSNBC have Takei on when everyone in the American media was calling it the Wuhan virus?

Let it be known after this crisis has passed that the media’s concerns were Trump’s “racism” and him “attacking” the media for prioritizing that over vital information.


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