As Twitchy reported earlier, journalists and Democrats (yeah, same thing) and NeverTrumpers are all jumping on President Trump for calling the coronavirus a “hoax” during a rally Friday night in South Carolina. Dana Milbank kicked things off, and we’ve seen Politico, NBC News, Bill Kristol, Rep. Ted Lieu, and Joe Biden all jumping on the bandwagon.

Actually, Trump called the Left politicizing the coronavirus their new hoax, after the Mueller investigation and the impeachment effort both bombed. Now they’re taking shots at the president for not taking the coronavirus threat seriously — in other words, it’s their new hoax. Funny how Dems like Sen. Chuck Schumer were at first alarmed by Trump’s travel restrictions from affected areas, with the Washington Post putting out a call for anyone who had experienced “xenophobia” because of coronavirus fears. And CNN was concerned with the lack of diversity on the coronavirus task force.

We’d be remiss not to include 2020 presidential candidate Mike Bloomberg’s take in here because it’s particularly shameful … not only does he say Trump called the coronavirus a hoax, but he includes a eight-second-long edit of Trump’s speech to prove it. Um, Twitter, weren’t you going to do something about deceptively edited videos?

Twitter allows users a couple of minutes of video, so the only excuse for cutting it down to eight seconds is because you know you’re lying.

We’re surprised he didn’t cut it down even further.


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