The Washington Post’s Dana Milbank presented a very selective quote from President Trump’s speech in South Carolina last night, claiming Trump referred to the coronavirus as a “hoax.”

The claim is going viral, if you’ll pardon the expression, and Milbank is far from alone in helping it along:

Right on cue, Rep. Ted Lieu was all over the new talking point:

Joe Biden also did his part:

And the anti-Trump Resistance and Democrats can’t have a decent talking point without some help from the media. Here’s NBC News reporter Ken Dilanian sharing a story that coincidentally takes the same approach as the Democrats:

Politico also appears to be intentionally avoiding the point:

Bill Kristol also helped out:

Oh come on.

Video of the speech clearly shows Trump referring to Democrat lies about the administration’s response as the “hoax” and not the virus itself (those referring to the outbreak as “Trumpvirus” only confirm Trump’s claim):

Even the Associated Press called out Democrats for lying about the Trump administration’s response to the coronavirus. The Dem and media’s response has obviously been to double down:


Wow, is it that high?

By the way, where are all the social media “truth police” when the Dems (with help from the media) are pushing more of their BS?

It’s a safe bet that those crickets will only get louder as the day goes on.