Sam Stein of The Daily Beast and MSNBC is certainly welcome to his opinion, and his opinion is that none of the Democratic candidates has done a better job at weaving together biography, policy, and politics than Elizabeth Warren.

The thing is, it’s never a sure thing to rely on what she calls her biography.

Look, they even put the old-timey 8mm film filter on the shots of her looking back at her past.

Her brother did complain that she suddenly started to refer to her father as a janitor at campaign events when he was actually a maintenance man briefly. It’s OK though; Young Turks contributor Ryan Grim assured us that “janitor” and “maintenance man” are just “two words for the same thing.” It’s just funny how she dropped one for the other when she started campaigning.

Correction: She would let a transgender child approve her Education Secretary. When she panders, she panders hard.

She sure does like to push her extremely brief tenure as a public school teacher — the one she had before the principal fired her for being visibly pregnant.