As Twitchy reported, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Thursday morning held a press conference that Dana Loesch called “insane,” pointing out that Pelosi was once again repeating the Charlottesville hoax that President Trump called white supremacists “very fine people.”

And while the mainstream media is obsessively focusing on Trump’s “poisonous” post-acquittal speech that betrayed his “deep psychological distress,” they’re suspiciously overlooking Pelosi’s comments on perhaps impeaching Trump again. They’ve wanted to since his inauguration and even before, and clowns like Rep. Al Green have been introducing impeachment articles that not even the Democrat-led House would vote on.

So it’s no surprise, especially considering the bitterness Pelosi displayed during the State of the Union address, that Democrats would be looking into other opportunities to impeach the president … but they should probably wait until he wins re-election.

Maybe they should figure out who won Iowa instead of looking to remove Trump through impeachment.