As Twitchy reported, Rep. Lee Zeldin called it back in November: the memo had gone out and Democrats stopped alleging “quid pro quo” and suddenly shifted all at once to “bribery” and “extortion.” Democrats were on every cable news network getting out the word that the president had bribed Ukraine’s president.

As the Washington Post reported soon after, it turned out the DCCC had done a study and found that the word “bribery” resonated more in battleground states than did quid pro quo. And besides, a lot of Democrat voters didn’t know what quid pro quo meant.

And then, at last, the House Democrats were ready to unveil their two articles of impeachment … but instead of alleging bribery and extortion, the House went with abuse of power and the laughable obstruction of Congress.

Sen. Josh Hawley noted that during questioning Wednesday, bribery kept coming up. So why didn’t the House charge President Trump with bribery?

We wish Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky could Skype in and tell the House impeachment managers how he was bribed and extorted.