Her summer course at NYU, “Reporting on the Far Right,” was canceled due to lack of enrollment, but that hasn’t stopped Talia Lavin, the former fact-checker who smeared a Marine Corps veteran and ICE analyst as a Nazi by misinterpreting his tattoo, from writing about Nazis, and to write about Nazis, you have to look everywhere for them. And what better place to look than the pro-gun rights #VirginiaRally in Richmond Monday.

Much like the public school teacher who argued that just because there was no violence didn’t mean the rally was peaceful, Lavin puts the word “peaceful” in quotes, because in her mind, Virginians who didn’t attend the rally were “constrained and terrorized.” Honestly, we’d love for these people to hold an unloaded handgun just once as a sort of exposure therapy to cure their terror of an inanimate object.

Lavin published her piece in GQ, which came up with a lovely graphic to accompany the post:

“No one was shot — a frankly extraordinary turn of events given the sheer amount of weaponry, the density of the crowd, and the weapons stuffed casually into backpacks or held loosely in the crooks of pale arms,” Lavin writes, though she doesn’t mention being there in her piece. Also, guns don’t go off by themselves.

Why do people who weren’t there keep trying to tell us that the rally was entirely white men, because it wasn’t safe for a minority to leave the house, despite photo after photo after photo of minorities rallying for their Second Amendment rights?

Solid burn.

Because her area of expertise is writing about the far-right while ignoring the far-left.

“Mostly peaceful.”