We apologize if we’ve posted too many hot takes from the Lobby Day gun rights rally in Richmond, Va., Monday, but there are just so many. Gov. Ralph “Coonman” Northam’s office managed to get the word out that the event was going to be taken over by white supremacists in case any members of the mainstream media hadn’t come to that conclusion themselves.

And so we’ve had a bunch of tweets about how everyone at the rally — and there were a lot — was a racist, and how President Trump incited violence by giving a shout-out on Twitter to the marchers, on MLK Day even. We’ve heard that blacks don’t have the same Second Amendment rights as whites. We’ve heard that the gun rights rally was not what the Founders had in mind.

We’ve also heard before when the gun rights issue comes up that guns should be illegal because people have the right to the pursuit of happiness, and if they have any suspicion there might be a gun nearby, that right to happiness is being infringed.

That’s what this public school teacher was going for: although there wasn’t any violence at the rally, it was violent, because it was intimidation, and intimidation is not peaceful.

Turns out Jane deleted her hot take just as this was going to be published, but you should be able to read it below:

Let’s be clear. The march in Virginia was not peaceful. Just because violence did not ensue doesn’t mean the event was peaceful. It altered the freedom of other Americans to go, do and say as they have the right. Intimidation is not peaceful. @nbc @cnn @abc @cbs @MSNBC #GunSense

— Jane Elgin (@Jane_Elgin) January 20, 2020

Not sure why she bothered tagging all the networks, but we’re also not sure why she pressed send on this Tweet.

The one where Madonna wanted to blow up the White House or one of the other ones?

Let’s be clear. This shouldn’t have been posted in the first place.