We already apologized Monday night if you were getting tired of all of the hot takes coming out of the Lobby Day gun rights rally in Richmond, Va., but there were so many and they were so profoundly stupid. A lot of liberals were calling it a “Klan rally” or a “white supremacist rally” from the get-go, but we learned further that all of the protesters were “racists pretending to care about racism to defend gun rights that don’t extend to black people” and that just because violence didn’t break out — at all — doesn’t mean the rally was peaceful, even though the mainstream media reflexively calls violent leftist protests “mostly peaceful” every time.

Now we’re learning, thanks to Twitchy sister-site Townhall’s Julio Rosas, that all of the attendees were white men — just men —because non-white men would have felt terrorized in that crowd.

Oh, so Rosas and his followers posted photos of every minority in attendance?