We get it … some people are just triggered (no pun intended) at the sight of guns, or even the idea that people around them could be carrying concealed. Remember the cops who were asked by a barista to leave a Starbucks in Tempe, Arizona because a customer “did not feel safe” in the presence of guns? Or all the people who said they’d call the cops on a guy open carrying (legally) because they’d “assume he’s not a good guy”?

Or best yet: David Frum fretting about people carrying because they’ll maim half-a-dozen bystanders over a purse-snatching? The gun control crowd, ironically, seems to think that gun owners have no control over their firearms.

This footage has been making the rounds all day, and we’re not quite sure why, but it got Impeachment Task Force member Alyssa Milano crowing about “Trump’s America.”

People walking to a rally to peacefully assemble under the First Amendment to protect the Second Amendment. Trump’s America, all right.

There really were riots all the time, and this editor knows because he covered them.

This is the America Alyssa Milano’s followers want:

You could start with a national gun registry and work your way up to that level of fascism, sure.