The Academy Award nominations were announced today, and the big controversies were that no women directors were nominated, and that “Joker” led the nominations with 11, including Best Picture. And as annoying as Joaquin Phoenix has been with his jet-fueled vegan diet climate change alarmism lately, he earned that Best Actor nomination.

This editor saw “Joker” a few weeks after it came out, at a Sunday morning matinee. Despite the media almost rooting for violence to break out and then being disappointed when it didn’t, there was no chance of a mass shooting at my screening because I was alone in the theater. And apparently an incel, because only an incel would go see “Joker.”

If you didn’t know, incel stands for “involuntary celibate” and is apparently a very dangerous movement. Only yesterday, the Lawfare blog posted a piece called, “Incels: America’s Newest Domestic Terrorism Threat.” And at least one Air Force base issued a threat brief on incels, explaining the difference between a “Becky,” the needy feminist, and a “Stacey,” who “hates basic bitches like Becky” and “lets Chad dominate her.”

The thing is, there’s nothing “incel” about “Joker.” He’s an adult with a job he likes, and he also finds a sort of girlfriend who attends his disastrous stand-up debut and strokes his back as he waits by his mother’s hospital bed. Maybe it was the white makeup that led people to assume this was just another white guy who couldn’t get a date and turned to violence.

When we last checked on self-described “neoliberal shill” Bob Chipman, he was complaining about Ricky Gervais’ hosting duties at the Golden Globe awards, alleging that Gervais’ sexist/homophobic/edgy jokes weren’t OK just because he was ripping on a room full of elites — liberal elites can be marginalized too.

Now that “Joker” has topped the Oscar nominations, he’s trying his best to reapply the “incel” label to the film, which I’m even wondering if he saw.

Dude, give the incel thing a rest. It was played out before the movie even hit theaters thanks to outlets like CNN.

Bob seems angry that all the Chads got to take their Staceys to see “Joker” and it turned out to be a really good movie.