California Gov. Gavin Newsom seems to think he’s doing a great job managing his state, but we sure do see a lot of #RecallGavinNewsom hashtags in his replies. Newsom again is picking a fight with the president for everything from sucking up to the NRA to denying climate change — the same climate change Newsom blames for the wildfires that compelled the state to impose rolling blackouts.

We’re not sure who thought this was a good idea — Newsom is running for governor in 2022, not the Democratic nomination in 2020 — but he’s tweeted a cartoon of him racing President Trump in a go-kart and leaving him in the dust with California’s policies.

We hope those are electric go-karts or at least hybrids … they seem to be spewing a lot of exhaust.

Looks great, but didn’t Newsom just warn a couple of months ago that California was beginning its descent?

As we said before, when Newsom said to “look out west” to see what things would be like with Democrats back in power, that was a warning.

Remember when Newsom claimed that all the homeless in California were coming there from Texas? Even PolitiFact gave that a “Pants on Fire” rating.

You know he has his eye on the presidency in 2024.

By the way, how’s that high-speed rail project coming along?


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