Epoch Times columnist Brian Cates decided Saturday was as good a time as any for a righteous thread taking down California Gov. Gavin Newsom and his claims about his state’s homeless problem. Remember when Newsom said to “look out west” to see where America was headed once the Democrats were back in power? Yes, that was a threat and we take it seriously.

Sister Toldjah writes for Twitchy sister-site RedState:

Back in June, Newsom told Axios‘s Jim VandeHei in a wide-ranging interview that the dire homeless problem in San Francisco was primarily due to an influx of homeless people coming to the city from … Texas.

The L.A. Times, not exactly a friend to Republicans and Texans, wrote about Newsom’s claims at the time and easily debunked them, noting that it was actually the reverse that was true.

Nearly two months later, the geniuses at Politifact finally decided to weigh in. And in a genuine shocker of shockers, they rated Newsom’s claims as “Pants on Fire.”

No. Way.

But no plastic straws, so there’s that.

Newsom seems most concerned with keeping President Trump off the primary ballot unless he releases his tax returns. His constituents? Meh.

We’re frankly surprised he’s not running in 2020.