As Twitchy reported in September, Los Angeles City Council member Mike Bonin read a “chilling” piece about homelessness in California in the Washington Post. The Post reported that President Trump was getting ready to intervene: “Among the ideas under consideration are razing existing tent camps for the homeless, creating new temporary facilities, and refurbishing existing government facilities.” “What inhumane treatment will he sanction for the unhoused?” Bodin asked, referring to the detention centers at the border.

So despite the Trump administration’s efforts to help California get people off the streets and into housing, Gov. Gavin Newsom is suggesting Trump and the GOP do more. Watch … he seems really ticked off at a reporter asking him questions about what’s been done by California to help the homeless. Sure, money’s been spent … but where did it go?

Los Angeles voters approved $1.2 billion in housing for the homeless years ago … where is it? In Oakland, they’re thinking of moving the homeless onto cruise ships. What a nightmare.