We didn’t know this was a national problem, but apparently it is. We really haven’t had anyone tell us their preferred pronouns, with the exception of International Pronouns Day, when people held up signs with their preferred pronouns, and when Democratic candidates like Julián Castro and Elizabeth Warren added their pronouns to their Twitter bios.

For us at Twitchy, we mostly look to see if there are preferred pronouns in a tweeter’s bio so we know if it’s a parody account or not.

The Washington Post is stepping up and asking that people stop making jokes about gender pronouns when people tell you theirs. We wouldn’t even know what joke to make — if you want to be called they, we’ll do our best.

So what jokes are people making that are so hurtful?

In these contexts, there is no need to be cute or funny; don’t say your pronouns are “princess” and “in charge.” You may get a laugh, but is the cost — the alienation, discomfort or frustration of vulnerable people — worth it? A cisgender person who claims that their pronouns are “dance mom” and “brat” is suggesting that they are not interested in how fraught this matter can be for trans and non-binary people.

OK, we get it: It’s like when Piers Morgan said on air he identified as a penguin (during a segment on a baby penguin being raised gender-neutral by a lesbian penguin couple) and was nearly investigated by the U.K. Office of Communications after 950 people complained. Stop doing that. It’s hurtful.