You know the person you’re interacting with on Twitter is woke when they include their preferred pronouns in their Twitter bio, and it’s not just trans people — it’s allies too who tack on the pronouns they prefer.

The ACLU is one of those allies, and on Wednesday it celebrated something we had no idea existed: the first-ever International Pronouns Day.

ACLU staffers recognized the day by posing with printouts of their preferred pronouns.

Nice work getting the all-gender restroom in the frame.

So … does everyone have to carry around a sign so we don’t unintentionally misgender them?

And we have to confess: calling a person “they” is going to take some effort. Fortunately, the super-woke pitched in:

Tons of civil rights organizations are “celebrating,” so we have to give a shout-out to the Human Rights Campaign for its effort:

And since no one brought it up above, don’t forget about xe/xem/xyr. For real.

Happy International Pronouns Day, Twitchy readers! Sorry we didn’t get they anything.