Back in 2016, Vox called National Review’s David French “the random dude off the street that Bill Kristol decided will save America from Trump.” Vox was overstating things a bit — French was mostly unknown but still not a random dude — but French ended up not running. Instead, Evan McMullin emerged to challenge Donald Trump, and we all know how that turned out.

In 2020, Kristol is putting his support behind Joe Walsh, though we suspect any Never Trumper will do, and he’s highlighted a piece in the Washington Post mostly explaining who Bill Weld is (although Walsh gets one mention as an aside in this paragraph):

A congenital optimist in the mold of his hero Theodore Roosevelt, Weld hopes to rival the 42 percent that Eugene McCarthy received against President Lyndon B. Johnson in New Hampshire in 1968 and the 37.5 percent that Pat Buchanan received against President George H.W. Bush in 1992. There is no sign that either Weld — or former Rep. Joe Walsh, the other GOP primary challenger — is anywhere close to that level. (Trump’s worst poll in New Hampshire, from mid-October, had Weld at 14 percent and Walsh at 5 percent.) But Weld is hoping that Democrats reregistered as undeclareds — voters with no party affiliation can vote in either party’s primary in New Hampshire — in order to strike an early blow against Trump.

Kristol is urging wealthy donors to devote big bucks to funding Weld and Walsh:

Has anyone even heard from Walsh?

Over at The Bulwark, they call that “conserving conservatism.”

Seriously, where is Walsh?