Back in 2016, Vox called National Review’s David French “the random dude off the street that Bill Kristol decided will save America from Trump.” French wasn’t some random dude off the street, but he certainly didn’t have name recognition, either.

As it turns out, French ended up not running at all, but former Weekly Standard editor Kristol appears not to have given up on the idea of floating a candidate to take on President Trump in the primaries — a recent Pew poll says the idea has some traction.

At The Bulwark, where conservatism is conserved, Kristol shares a note from veteran political strategist Bruce Gyory:

A majority of Republicans and Republican leaners continue to say that they do not want Trump challenged in a primary next year. But 43 percent of Republicans and Republican leaners would like to see Trump get a primary challenge next year. That 43 percent number is up by 6 percent from the 37 percent level right after last year’s midterm elections. This is a high number on the ascent.

When Trump is matched against Democrats, especially liberal Democrats, in horse race polling, Trump does hold onto 85-plus percent of the GOP base. But if Trump loses 10 percent to 15 percent of the Republican and Republican-leaning vote to a Democrat or to a Democrat in combination with a third party candidate (say Justin Amash as a Libertarian), that would be significant—particularly because Trump has united over 90 percent (close to 95 percent, actually) of Democrats against his GOP brand.

So, does this mean Kristol will back another #NeverTrump candidate? Rep. Justin Amash certainly seems like he’s making moves to position himself as the #NeverTrump alternative and perhaps run in 2020.

What does everyone think of David French 2.0?

There are a lot of people in the comments reminding Kristol that Bill Weld is running, and many are wishing Amash or John Kasich or even David Frum (!) would run against Trump in 2020, and then there’s the Max Boot/Jennifer Rubin crowd:

Conserving conservatism by voting for the open borders/higher taxes/socialist/infanticide party will “fix” things? What have the Democrats fixed since they took back the House?