If you’d wondered where we’d found that graphic of 2020 presidential candidate Kamala Harris dressed up in a police uniform and handcuffing a little girl while smiling, we got it from the Black Socialists of America. Harris might believe she’s one of the more progressive candidates in the race, but the Black Socialists of America wanted to send out a reminder that Harris was once a cop and a prosecutor.

So on the one hand, you have Harris the prosecutor who put away who knows how many people on marijuana possession charges, and on the other hand, you have Harris the college student getting stoned while listening to rappers whose debut albums hadn’t been released yet. And most people probably know her only for wanting to lock up parents to truant kids.

NowThis News is about as progressive as you can get — they essentially shoot campaign ads for Democrats and call it news — and they seem pretty excited that Harris wants to legalize weed because it’s contributed so much to mass incarceration.