Sen. Kamala Harris is actually looking pretty good in the Democratic primary right now. She took down Joe Biden a few pegs, kept about half of the bounce she got from the first round of debates and knocked Bernie Sanders off his perpetual perch at No. 2. She has the momentum despite flip-flopping a lot: She might or might not support the elimination of private health insurance, and her colleague Sen. Dan Crenshaw flayed her for flip-flopping on open-borders in the span of 60 seconds.

“We need to have that conversation” means “I don’t have poll numbers on that yet,” but while she tries to portray herself as some sort of moderate among the field, progressives like the Black Socialists of America would like to remind everyone that Harris was a cop and a prosecutor.

Check out Harris putting that little black girl in cuffs with a big grin on her face.

Come on, Biden, you know what we want to hear at the next debate: “She’s gonna put y’all back in chains, I mean it!”