Today on Twitchy we’ve been sifting through a lot of the wreckage left behind after CNN aired five Democratic town halls in a row. We learned that Israel’s a great ally but its current government is racist, and we learned that the Boston Marathon bomber shouldn’t lose his right to vote just because he killed some people in a terrorist act.

CNN’s token “conservative” Ana Navarro has tweeted that she “really, really, really” likes Harris, but we’re not sure how anyone could decide that when all Harris does when pinned down by a policy question is to say that there needs to be a “conversation.”

You might remember that at an earlier CNN town hall, Harris had said she was all for the elimination of private health insurance in favor of Medicare for All … before walking that back less than 24 hours later, when an adviser told the press that “she would also be open to the more moderate health reform plans, which would preserve the industry.”

But during Monday night’s CNN town hall she was again hit with the question of Medicare for All, which she said she supports … which is odd, because it would require the elimination of the private health insurance industry.

Good thing we’re having this “conversation” — it’s cleared up so much.

Guess she’d be a “learning on the job” type of president.

It was a modern-day lynching, clear as day!

Fact-check: Undetermined.