At first, we’d thought this was either an old tweet or the New York Post was really behind the curve; it was Oct. 30 when Brett Kavanaugh accuser Christine Blasey Ford accepted the YWCA Silicon Valley’s Empowerment Award. But this one’s different; it’s the ACLU’s Courage Award. At this rate, will she also pick up Best Actress at the Oscars?

She’s going to have to dedicate a room in her beach house to trophies if this keeps up. The New York Post reports:

Christine Blasey Ford, a psychology professor at Palo Alto University in California, spoke Sunday after she accepted the Rodger Baldwin Courage Award from the ACLU of Southern California in Beverly Hills.

She said: “When I came forward last September, I did not feel courageous. I was simply doing my duty as a citizen. I understood that not everyone would welcome my information, and I was prepared for a variety of outcomes, including being dismissed.”

No, actually, we would have welcomed her information … like where it happened, when it happened, who else was there, how she got home, etc. Instead, we had Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse going through Brett Kavanaugh’s high school yearbook with a magnifying glass and black light.

Let’s have a big round of applause:

Well said.

And who is this Rodger Baldwin for whom the award is named? Sounds sketchy.

Shocker: National Law Journal reporter Ryan Lovelace writes that she believes Ford was motivated to come forward and testify against Kavanaugh in part to help protect Roe v. Wade from being overturned.