Any excuse to impeach President Trump is good enough for Alyssa Milano and the other members of her star-studded Impeachment Task Force (hey, Tom Arnold), but the thing that seems to have struck her from Wednesday’s hearings is that people died because Trump withheld assistance from Ukraine.

We’re old enough to remember when President Obama withheld lethal aid from Ukraine throughout his entire administration, instead sending blankets and MREs. As Sen. Rand Paul told “Meet the Press” just this Sunday, “There are always contingencies on aid. Even President Obama withheld aid. He was supposed to give lethal aid. Congress said give them $300 million in lethal aid, and he sent them blankets.”

It took until Dec. 2017 for Trump to reverse Obama’s policy, approving the sale of lethal arms to the Ukrainian government. (No one tell Milano what “lethal” means — she doesn’t like it when people die).

So maybe someone could tell Milano that Trump wasn’t the first president to withhold foreign assistance.