After a deadly mass shooting at a mosque in New Zealand, it took Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern only a week to announce a ban on all assault weapons and “military-style automatic weapons.” “This is what real action to stop gun violence looks like,” said Bernie Sanders.

Gun confiscation has since become part of the Democratic platform (even if Joy Beher says the candidates should keep it quiet until after the election), but any pushback regarding exactly how the government will “buy back” those guns from people whose guns aren’t up for sale is just met with the idea that police going door to door to enforce the ban is a Republican “scare tactic.”

So … in New Zealand, as some of the U.S. primary candidates have suggested, legal gun owners are supposed to continue to be law-abiding and just turn in their weapons. Except with an end-of-the-year deadline looming, it doesn’t look like New Zealanders are anxious to hand over their weapons.

Cam Edwards over at Twitchy sister-site Bearing Arms reports that according to New Zealand Police Minister Stuart Nash, more than 32,000 prohibited weapons have been turned in since collection began in summer. That might sound like a lot, but it’s estimated that there are about 175,000 of those rifles in circulation in the country, resulting in a compliance rate of about 18 percent.

Edwards writes:

A “modest but tangible success”? I think it’s more like a complete failure. Let’s say when the deadline passes less than one-third of the banned firearms have been turned in. What exactly has been accomplished, other than the compensated confiscation of a few thousand firearms and the criminalization of tens of thousands of otherwise law-abiding citizens?

This reminds us of when the CEO of Dick’s Sporting Goods announced that the company had taken about $5 million worth of inventory and destroyed it. So?

Indeed. If it takes just one rifle out of the hands of a law-abiding citizen, it was worth it.

We’ve seen some of that virtue signaling of people turning over their AR-15s, and yes, it does make for a great selfie opportunity.

They say if the current turnover rate holds, the final compliance rate will be around 29 percent. And then you have a whole lot of illegal gun owners in your country and it’s not one bit safer.