One lesson that we’re hoping congressional candidate Karen Mallard learned regarding virtue signaling by getting rid of your unwanted AR-15 is not to saw off the barrel on video and leave the weapon functioning — that’s a no-no.

Better to turn in the weapon to the police station, as this man did — with pictures to prove it:

No, they just melt them down right there at the police station.

Yeah, nope.

We’ve said it before: anyone who owns a gun and thinks they shouldn’t — either they don’t trust themselves with it or are careless enough to let it fall into the wrong hands — get rid of it by all means. And let the rest of Americans enjoy their right to keep and bear arms.

Lighten up, Francis … we’re happy he doesn’t have an AR-15 anymore. Especially that one.

Sorry, but this guy still hasn’t topped the man who sawed his AR-15 in half on YouTube. If you’re going to virtue signal, do it up right.