ABC News shared a video of one Scott Pappalardo, a gun owner and supposed Second Amendment advocate, who decided to record himself destroying his AR-15.

And then ABC dramatically tweeted: ONE LESS.

Holy Hell, who are these people?

This dude even has a Second Amendment tattoo on his arm?! GTFO!

Well, he must really mean business then.

Sawing the gun in half though? Hrm.

We thought it took TWO hobbits? And what about the talking trees and elves?!

Seems that way.

Ya’ think?

Shh … he’s busy virtue signaling.

Surely right after he made this video he recorded himself melting hammers, knives and taking his car apart, considering all of those things do more damage than his AR-15. And what about his own hands? Fists kill way more … just sayin’.

Which is ILLEGAL.

If he thinks he has to destroy his gun to keep it from killing someone then yup.

SEE! Just make sure you raise them right …

Yeah, this may be the funniest damn photo on Twitter yet.

Guns doing the dishes. LOVE IT.


Seems legal and law-abiding gun owners were less than impressed with his stunt.

And that’s all it really was folks, a stunt.


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