There are plenty of reasons why progressives would want to revive the sexual harassment allegations against Supreme Court Associate Justice Brett Kavanaugh — there’s already talk of impeachment — but that smear piece that was published in The New York Times over the weekend was a book excerpt, and there are two New York Times reporters with a book to sell.

And one of the first stops on their book tour is ABC and “The View,” where they’ll appear Tuesday:

Kate Kelly and Robin Pogrebin will be there?

Yes, the word is Pogrebin herself is the one who wrote that Tweet that The New York Times quickly pulled down Saturday night, but not before plenty of people got screenshots. Maybe she can explain that on “The View”?

President Trump agrees.

And who knows how many more stops these two have on their book tour? Let’s hope the press and the public ask them why they left such an important piece of information out of their book that The New York Times was compelled to add it.