As Twitchy reported earlier, Beto O’Rouke tweeted about meeting a longtime Republican in a rest stop bathroom and was told during some urinal conversation that the Republican totally agreed with O’Rourke’s policy on guns, which we assume even means mandatory buybacks and door-to-door roundups of legally purchased firearms by armed police officers. No, wait, there won’t be any of that: gun owners will happily cut their AR-15s into pieces voluntarily once O’Rourke is president. Why are they waiting until then, we wonder?

In any case, National Review Online’s Charles C. W. Cooke bucked the trend in the comments and said he totally buys O’Rourke’s urinal story:

Seriously, when is O’Rourke going to launch of a hashtag for Twitter videos of AR-15 owners sawing their rifles in half to support his policy?

Maybe his campaign will reply with one of those awesome “Hell yes we’re gonna take your AR-15” T-shirts from his campaign store.

Sorry, we were being disingenuous earlier about the door-to-door thing; O’Rourke clarified on Joy Reid’s show that law-abiding gun owners would certainly hand theirs over so there’d be no need for raids on personal homes:

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