You might remember that 16-year-old Swedish climate alarmist Greta Thunberg broke all of our hearts here at Twitchy back in August when she said in an interview that she wouldn’t waste time meeting with President Trump on her swing through the United States. “Why should I waste time talking to him?” she asked, apparently underselling her magical powers to make world leaders pretend to care about the “climate crisis.”

Thunberg will, however, use some of her time in the United States to join a “climate strike” outside the White House, so that will do a lot of good.

The Hill obviously misspelled “Greta” in that tweet but left it along, maybe thinking of the hundreds of people in the comments who all had the same idea to point out how “grate” it was that Thunberg would be out front of the White House.

Someone who didn’t have any typos in his tweet on the matter was Steve Milloy of, who took a slightly different tack:

Greta the Climate Puppet? Ouch.

She took that zero-emission, solar-powered boat trip to get here … how she’s getting home is another question entirely; we know how the boat’s getting home — they flew over a crew to sail it back.

But they’ve made her a hero out of passing on that irrational fear to a whole new generation of young people and teaching them to use their anger in their activism and “hold the older generations accountable for the mess they have created.” Like raising kids.