As Twitchy recently reported, CNN’s Jim Sciutto suggested that the word “narrative” be banned from discussions of President Trump, as “there is only one version of the facts and the truth.”

Sorry, that’s not going to happen, because the media keeps conspiring to construct and maintain a narrative. What was the narrative last week? White supremacy? Well, this week it’s (again) the president’s mental fitness to lead the country. As Twitchy reported, Sciutto’s own network on Sunday talked to a psychiatrist who alleged that Trump “may be responsible for many more million deaths” than Adolf Hitler, Joseph Stalin, and Mao Zedong.

But there’s only one version of the facts and the truth, right?

Whatever took the place of Journ-O-list kicked into action this weekend to keep the narrative in-sync across the board, as MSNBC also had on a psychiatrist to “diagnose” the president and declare him unfit to lead.

On CNN, Trump’s a psychopath who may have murdered millions more than Hitler, Stalin, and Mao combined, and on MSNBC, Trump’s responsible for the “soul-murder” of migrant children by putting them into the cages left for him by the Obama administration.

Newsbusters’ Tim Graham reports:

On Saturday’s “Up with David Gura,” MSNBC legal analyst Maya Wiley — not a medical expert — insisted President Trump’s mental competence must be called into question. Gura cited Trump’s “inability to evolve” and support gun control, for example.

On Sunday’s AM Joy, host Joy Reid brought on retired Harvard psychiatrist Lance Dodes to diagnose Trump in a hyper-political way, asking him to back up George Conway, who alleged “malignant narcissism” (he did).

Dodes told Reid that Trump “does terrible things to people, the children who are being detained in cages are a good example…. The children, of course, really amount to a crime against humanity. If you think about it psychologically, this is what some of us once called soul murder.”

So, tell us again about how the word “narrative” should be banned, because if that’s not coordinated narrative-building, we don’t know what is.

Meanwhile, no one can tell what Joe Biden’s talking about, but it would be wrong to question his competence … besides, he’s assured us “I’m not going nuts.” Hey, was it called soul-murder when the Obama administration kept kids in cages?