It should be no surprise that members of Antifa don’t want what they do publicized by the fact that the majority wear masks or kerchiefs over their faces and do things like give independent journalists like Andy Ngo a brain hemorrhage and steal his camera equipment.

Ngo reports that another independent journalist was pepper-sprayed in Portland Saturday, although the guy sees to be in good shape. He and his camera obviously aren’t welcome, though:

Didn’t Mayor Ted Wheeler announce two weeks ago that people who spread fear and violence weren’t welcome in his city?

And watch this poor guy, who claims not to be affiliated with either side. He’s told to put away his camera and go home — “You are in a very unsafe situation,” he’s warned.

Didn’t Antifa try to claim that they weren’t actually an organization — just people who happen to show up and the same time and place in their matching homemade assault gear?

As Twitchy mentioned earlier, Washington Examiner journalist Julio Rosas was accosted by a protester whose gender we won’t assume over the black-and-white flag emblem on his sleeve; see, the American flag is the banner of a fascist and a sign of the enemy.

It turns out things got much hairier for Rosa after that encounter.

“He said if I get hurt then that was on me.” Hey, Chris Cuomo, aren’t these the guys you likened to allied soldiers storming the beach at Normandy to fight Nazis? We thought the CNN crew was against the intimidation of journalists — will Oliver Darcy and Brian Stelter be as upset over this as they are a “fake news” tweet from President Trump?

The “milkshaking” continues:

Oh, and remember how Mayor Wheeler had the brilliant idea to send out police liaison officers to interact with each side of the protest and try to calm things down? That didn’t work.

Just as a bonus, here’s a member of Antifa dressed as a unicorn dancing around to taunt police:

Beautiful Portland, everyone.