It’s pretty clear to anyone who’s been paying attention that Antifa now runs Portland, and Mayor Ted Wheeler does his best to make sure the police don’t get in the way of Antifa’s right to express themselves by, say, giving Andy Ngo a brain hemorrhage and robbing him of his camera equipment.

How bad is it? In 2017, POLITICO Magazine did a cover story on “How Liberal Portland Became America’s Most Politically Violent City.” And then not only were there May Day riots in which Antifa dragged trash into the street and set it on fire — the city even had to cancel its 82nd annual Avenue of Roses parade because Republicans were going to be marching in it, and organizers had received “a threatening email.”

Of course in his video, Wheeler never mentions Antifa; his concern is clearly with the right-wing protesters who have organized something called an “End Domestic Terrorism” gathering to protest Antifa after they attacked Ngo and others. So all we can take from this video is that people will show up to protest Antifa’s control of the city, and Wheeler will leave it to Antifa to “defend” the city from these extremists.

How pathetic is this video?

Way too late, mayor.

Calling it now: There will be violence in the streets of Portland Aug. 17 and the police will stand by and watch.