Via journalist Andy Ngo, the cops are not ready for the predicted “bloodshed” at Saturday’s dueling Antifa and right-wing protests in Portland:

Portland’s Mayor Ted Wheeler thinks he’s ready for what’s about to go down:

That’s a lot of partners:

And the Portland Police are deploying “liaison officers” to meet with protest leaders of both camps:

More info here:

The Portland Police Bureau’s liaison teams attempt to work with all event organizers to establish an environment where community members may safely practice their First Amendment Rights of speech and assembly. The Police Bureau Liaison Teams are available to assist event organizers in planning a safe event for participants, Portland community members, and businesses. Liaison Officers may be contacted at: [email protected] or through its Twitter account: @PPBLiaison.

The Liaison Officers will be wearing white polo shirts with “Liaison Officer” on the shirts, along with gray pants so they are highly visible to all. The Liaison Officers have been attempting and making contact with some of the participants and will continue to do so.

Maybe rather than polo-shirted liaison officers that should have police in body armor to arrest violent protesters, on both sides?

Faster, please:

Video from an earlier news conference here:

Tune in tomorrow. . .